Who we are

Nos vies bas carbone (Our Low-Carbon Lives) was born out of several years of voluntary work on climate issues, and is based on the analysis that education must be at the heart of multiple strategies to contain global warming and keep our planet habitable.

It is therefore committed to contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in France and worldwide.

To this end, the Designing our low-carbon lives workshop is at the heart of our activities. It’s a fantastic way, in just a few hours, of enabling anyone to familiarize themselves with the essential orders of magnitude, and thus take effective action.

The founding team

More broadly, the association wants to promote all that is to be gained by leading low-carbon lives:

  • giving a voice to people who live happily with low carbon footprints
  • highlighting successful experiments, particularly those linked to permaculture
  • publishing articles and take part in conferences on the subject.