The workshop within your organisation

We work all over France (or above), in all types of organisations. Businesses, schools, government departments, associations… The workshop can be given to a well-informed audience or a complete novice: we’ll adapt to your needs!

  • Recommended format: 3 hours
  • 15 to 20 people per facilitator
  • Cost: ask for quotation (service + travel expenses)

You are a public institution

Widespread dissemination of climate issues and orders of magnitude within public institutions facilitates the deployment of measures for the National Low Carbon Strategy by giving meaning and a shared vision.

You are a company

Businesses are major players in the low-carbon transition, not only in the energy sector but also in transport, food, construction, trade and industry.

You are a school

Schools have a vital role to play in raising awareness of climate issues. Professional circles need to adapt to the climate emergency, and young people need to be ready to meet these new challenges.

Why organise a Designing our low-carbon lives workshop?

  • To make it easier to talk about the climate: complex data is made simple and accessible while remaining reliable, and the process allows for quality exchanges despite the sometimes polarised or emotional nature of the subject.
  • To raise awareness and inspire action
  • Imagine a post-oil world that is possible, different, realistic and desirable
  • Identify the levers for action that will enable all types of organisation to start phasing out fossil fuels as of now
  • Educate people about what is needed: understand how far we have to go to meet the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) carbon budgets. Acting in a way that is proportionate to the climate data gives us a real chance of success, and is a powerful motivator: we can move away from fatalism and passivity, and that does a great deal of good to all those who feel that they are taking part in this necessary and life-saving collective effort.


The workshop is based on rigorous and transparent scientific work (all sources and hypotheses are freely downloadable), with no black boxes or opacity.

The workshop in pictures