Climate issues: raising awareness among pupils and students

The aim of Designing our low-carbon lives workshop is to acculturate each participants to the orders of magnitude of France’s carbon footprint and to raise awareness among all the institution’s stakeholders of the need to reduce it and the levers for action that can be taken on an individual and collective scale.

atelier enjeux climatiques pour les jeunes au collège

Today's schoolchildren and students are in great demand when it comes to climate and environmental issues.

Raising awareness as early as possible

The original workshop has also been adapted for younger children. It is ideally suited to young people aged 9 and over.

By organising workshops in your classrooms, you’re giving schoolchildren the power to take action and build a great low-carbon future for themselves.

School have a vital role to play

Providing solid, up-to-date training in ecological issues is essential if pupils and students are to contribute to the transformation of the professional environments in which they will be working.

This applies to all subjects and courses of study, as well as the opportunities they offer, and therefore to all schools.

Understanding climate issues is just as important for people studying law, engineering, business, politics or the humanities, because the world of work needs all these players if we are to build a society based on shared low-carbon values.

What about higher education?

Higher education institutions are fully involved in, and responsible for, the quality of teaching and students’ level of understanding of ecological issues.

Students must have access to quality teaching that gives them a solid understanding of the issues, the “height of the climb” to be taken, and the orders of magnitude needed to make the right decisions and guide their careers effectively in the transition underway.

rentrée urgence climatique étudiants

You choose how the workshops are deployed

We offer a range of services:

Turnkey workshops in your establishment

We run workshops in your classrooms.

The workshops take place in groups (ideally 15-20 people).

We adapt to the context of the event (back-to-school, theme day, etc.).

Deploy the workshop independently

We train volunteer teachers to run the workshops, giving them total autonomy in rolling them out from one school year to the next.

The workshop is easy for non-specialists to get to grips with, so they can quickly lead high-quality sessions on climate issues.

Our workshops are used in these training courses: