Raising awareness of climate issues among young people without making them feel guilty

Designing our low-carbon lives for young people is a fun and educational workshop lasting between 1.5 and 2 hours, designed to help children aged 9 and over to design desirable low-carbon lives, without making them feel guilty, while identifying actions that are necessary, effective and exciting!

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Low-carbon living is hard, but it's fun and it's possible

And that's what kids are saying! 

Why a workshop designed for the kids?

To meet our commitments under the Paris Agreement (to keep global warming below +2°C), we need to meet the IPCC’s carbon budgets. It’s a race against time against greenhouse gas emissions. That’s what “climate emergency” means.

And since young people are the citizens of tomorrow, the ecological transition cannot be achieved without their help. To give them a few keys to effective action, we have designed our workshop for children aged 9 and over.

As we’ve been able to observe in the workshop, children and teenagers act as role models for their parents and are proud to set an example!

How does it work?

Understanding why this is an emergency

To begin with, the kids discover the serious effects of
global warming, and make the link with the additional greenhouse effect caused by human activities.

Discovering our individual and collective impact

Les jeunes posent sur une ficelle des cartes dont la longueur est proportionnelle aux gaz à effet de serre émis (1 000 kg CO₂e = 10 cm) et visualisent intuitivement les émissions générées par nos deux personnages : Maxi-Sweet et Mini-Sweet.

Looking to the future as adults

Since children and teenagers are still too young to make decisions about their lifestyles, we encourage them to imagine their future as adults and to build a desirable low-carbon life. They can choose activities that they enjoy and that have low emissions.

Keeping a record

Everyone creates a mini-catalogue to keep track of their data and their choices for a low-carbon future.

The workshop in video 🇫🇷

A workshop in all its forms

There’s no shortage of ways to learn about climate and environmental issues, from classroom workshops to a stand visits. And we can even organise snacks for Maxi-Sweet and Mini-Sweet (our two emblematic companions) for the younger ones!

And what’s even more fun is when it’s the kids who organise the activities for their friends 🙂.

In all cases, these are joyful moments of sharing and collaboration.

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🤫 Pssst… The youth cards are also a great complement to the adult workshop.

The workshop for kids is supported by Fondation SNCF
in the Centre-Val de Loire region

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Become facilitator

Would you like to run the Youth workshop for the general public? It’s great 🙂

Here’s a route to follow before you get started:

1) Follow a training course 🇫🇷

Take a 3-hour course to learn the essential concepts for running a workshop: typical procedures, the moderator's posture, etc.

2) Read the instructions for running the kids workshop

She will give you invaluable advice on running the workshop for young people

4) Read usage rights

All paid events must generate a 10% payment to the association. And if your team is hosting the event, a donation to the association is most welcome. Lear more

Become an instructor

Have you run a significant number of kids workshops, and would you like to train other people to run them, and receive professional offers from the association?

Here’s how to become an instructor:

🖐️ Have run at least 5 workshops in a variety of contexts

👍️ Have a perfect knowledge of the material and its preparation, and a good use of the methodological guide

👀 Have followed an Designing our low-carbon lives workshop for adults

🎓️ Exchange with a tutor (expert trainer) who will observe one of your workshops before validating your new status